Office Privacy Policy

Dr Zelt is aware that technology is changing the way we communicate between doctors and patients. While electronic communication can improve patient care and enhance our patient’s engagement in their care, it can also present unique challenges to patient privacy and confidentiality.

Our patients want to communicate with us over the telephone but also by emailing, text messaging and, in the case of our out of town patients, by video conferencing (Skype, Facetime). These methods of communication can be accessed from a number of different devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Despite the convenience of email and text messaging, you should know that they are often the least secure ways to communicate with our office. For example, imagine sending an email with personal information to the wrong email address! The email does not bounce back but rather appears in the mailbox of someone else.

Our office uses Facebook ( for sharing information to our patients and for educational purposes. We do not communicate identifiable patient health information using social media. Please be aware that what you communicate on social media is unprotected and publically accessible. Despite the careful use of privacy settings, information shared on social media site should be considered public forever.

Videoconferencing is occasionally used by our offices to communicate pre and postoperative with our out-of-town patients. Videoconferencing does not replace our initial consultation but is used to review, summarize information with patients or to access postoperative healing in general terms.

Office Policy for Communication

During working hours and for all non-urgent communications, patients will communicate by telephone and speak with Natalie Gordon (office manager) at 514-933-3449. If non-urgent issues occur outside of normal business hours, patients are encouraged to call our office and leave a detailed message. Natalie will be happy to return your call first thing the following morning. Examples of non-urgent issues include scheduling of appointments, enquiring about postoperative issues related to healing and patients are given the opportunity to communicate with Dr. Zelt via text messaging and by cell phone for after-hours urgent medical issues only.

In case of an emergency, please go the emergency room at the hospital where your surgery was performed if possible. Dr. Zelt has privileges at the following hospitals; making it easier to provide care for you should such an emergency occur.

Fleury Hospital 514-384-2000
Sacre-Coeur Hospital 514-338-2222
St Mary’s Hospital 514-345-3511

Consent of use Electronic Communications

During your initial consultation with Dr. Zelt, you will be given a consent form for the use of electronic communication while under the care of our offices. This is an important document to read and understand. If you wish to communicate with us using email, text messaging and/or video conferencing (Skype), all new patients are required to sign this consent form before leaving the office. It’s important!