Breast Revision

If your breast enhancement results from surgery performed at another clinic fell short of your goals, Dr Zelt can offer you corrective surgery and satisfying results. Every patient deserves to be happy with their breasts and whether complications occurred following a previous surgery or your aesthetic needs were not met, revision breast surgery can achieve natural and pleasing results.

Your first step is a consultation with Dr. Zelt where he will carefully listen to your concerns and develop a surgical plan to help you reach your goals. Each step of the plan will be carefully explained to ensure you are comfortable with the planned procedure and its likely outcome.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Patients can be unhappy following breast augmentation because of breast asymmetry, capsular contracture (tightened scar tissue around the implant), rippling, visible or palpable folding of the implant, thinning of the skin and breast tissue and a deformity called the double bubble malformation. Implants can move or drift from their original location and, in the case of saline-filled implants, deflation may also occur. Some patients may feel that the aesthetic results of a previous breast surgery were not what they were hoping for.
Correction of these problems following previous breast augmentation requires a careful approach involving listening to your concerns, a detailed examination and the development of an achievable plan. Implants that have moved can be repositioned. Contour issues can be addressed by changing implant pocket location or using different implants – smaller, cohesive silicone or sometimes contoured implants. Minor contour irregularities may be hidden or soften with fat injections (lipo-infiltration).

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Revision

Breast lifting (mastopexy) and breast reduction procedures involve the removal of breast tissue from the breasts. Both procedures have similar goals wanting perkier, lighter breasts. The difference between the two procedures is mostly related to the size of the breasts following the procedure and the overall desired shape of the breasts as well.

Patients may be unhappy with their results because their aesthetic goals were not met. This usually means their breasts are too small, too large, are not quite perky enough, sagging too much or do not have the shape or form that was anticipated preoperatively.

Dr. Zelt will carefully evaluate the results from your previous surgery and offer you one or several options to help you achieve your goals.

Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Zelt offers breast reconstruction revision for patients who have undergone breast reconstruction and are not happy with their results. Dr. Zelt has devoted the last 20 years of his practice to breast surgery, specializing in breast reconstruction following cancer surgery. With his keen eye for aesthetic beauty and years of experience, a management plan based on your needs will be developed and care taken to help you achieve your goals.

Post-Operative Care

Depending upon what procedure will be required, a light general anesthesia will be required and you will be able to go back to your daily schedule in around a week after the date of surgery. At one month postoperatively, you should be able to return to your normal activities and ready to enjoy your results.

What things can be done during a Breast Enhancement Revision?

Planning Your Procedure

Dr. Zelt understands that you’re coming to see him feeling unhappy from a previous procedure. Your expectations were not met. Your dreams of enhancement were not realized. He will take the time to listen to you carefully and ensure he fully understands why you are not happy. After a careful examination, he will sit with you and explain every detail of your management plan. Making sure you achieve your goals is our primary concern.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.