It has been already 4 months since my breast implant procedure and I have been meaning to write this review for some time now to say a big THANK YOU and to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Zelt, his lovely assistant, Natalie and his entire staff at the Rockland Hospital. Dr. Zelt was very honest and straight forward with the procedure and what he was able to do. He ended up exceeding my expectations and gave me the breasts of my dreams (I ended up going from a small 32 B cup to a small 32 D cup). I showed Dr. Zelt pictures of what I desired and he said he would try his best to give me these results. I couldn’t believe when I went home from the surgery how one-to-one my breasts were with the photos I showed him. Having been a small chested woman for almost 40 years, I always desired fuller breasts. It is remarkable how much this procedure has helped me feel confident and fully feminine in my body and I highly recommend this procedure to any woman who wants to experience fuller larger breasts in her life. It is life changing and I am so grateful for Dr. Zelt, for his talent and expertise and his kind staff. I was able to see quickly that Dr. Zelt was very knowledgeable and competent in breast implant surgery. I was so impressed by his team at the hospital. From the anesthesiologist to the nurses, all of these professionals felt like an incredibly supportive team who had nothing but the best to say about Dr. Zelt. I felt like they all loved what they did and were passionate about it, and truly enjoyed working together which completely put me at ease. Also, their respect for Dr. Zelt made me feel even more comfortable with letting go and trusting right before the surgery. They were all very positive about breast implants, the surgery and Dr. Zelt’s capabilities. Whenever I had questions, both Natalie and Dr. Zelt were available for me (I tend to be a worrier and needed to ask a lot of questions) and they got back to me quickly which was over and beyond my expectations. I am so very grateful to Dr. Zelt and his team and I highly recommend him to others for breast augmentation.

I had a breast reduction covered by RAMQ performed by Dr Zelt a month ago, and the results are phenomenal! Smaller size, uplifted and the scars are barely visible. I’m very anxious in hospitals, but he made me feel very relaxed and at ease. So glad that I chose Dr Zelt for my reduction. Two thumbs up!

I have never written a review before, but I felt so strongly about this doctor that I just had to write this. Dr. Ronald G. Zelt is simply the best of the best. I am so grateful to have had him as my surgeon. I am almost 9 weeks postop and everything went exceptionally well. Dr. Zelt gives you very detailed written instructions for your preop and postop care. The recovery was a little difficult, however, Dr. Zelt and Natalie were there every step of the way addressing every concern that I had. No complications and healing beautifully! I could not have asked for better care anywhere. Natalie is amazing. Dr. Zelt is an incredible surgeon. Preop, intraop (at Fleury Hospital), and postop care were outstanding. I will never be able to thank him for the care that I received.

Had a breast reduction and lift done by Dr Zelt and couldn’t be happier! Very honest in pre-op consultation in terms of results, procedure and possible complications, and available and helpful post-op for any concern. I felt well taken care of and would go to him again any time.

I had gynécomastie surgery in October and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr Zelt was efficient, answered all of my questions and more importantly didn’t make a big “deal” out of it. It’s been over three months and the results are already awesome. Definitely a “guy friendly” kind of doctor who makes you feel like a good buddy – 100% don’t regret having the surgery, particularly with Dr. Zelt. Natalie was also AWESOME in terms of communication.

To say that my experience with Dr. Zelt and Natalie was a 5 star rating is an understatement…I wish there was a 5 stars plus rating that I could choose! I am from out of province (Labrador City, NL) and the procedure I had performed was a breast reduction. From the very first phone call that I placed to Natalie I knew I had found the best of the best. The clinic itself speaks volumes of how they represent themselves and is absolutely stunning in its interior design… Dr. Zelt and Natalie are 2 rarities in today’s world and the genuine compassion and concern for their patients is overwhelming. I cannot express the depth of gratitude I feel for their patience, concern, compassion and the list goes on. NEVER was I made to feel I was asking too many questions (and I had ALOT), I was never made to feel uncomfortable, rushed or awkward. The depth of their knowledge is bottomless and they have both gone over and above what I would ever expect from a Doctor/Manager to patient. Natalie was instrumental in helping with language barriers while I had an overnight visit in the hospital with my sister (who had unexpected complications when she pursed the same surgery as I did) and Dr. Zelt was phenomenal in straightening out our concerns and worries…all with such gentle patience and compassionate demeanours. I have emailed, spoken over the telephone and visited them numerous times over the past few months and I can honestly say I feel like they are friends…On my most recent visit I was greeted with smiles and warm hugs that made my heart smile….maybe it’s the Labradorian/Newfie in me LOL, but whatever it is I can guarantee that if you choose Dr. Zelt and Natalie to perform your desired or necessary surgery – you that you will be in very good hands!!

It has been about one month since I had my breast reduction, and it is safe to say that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. The second best decision however, was to choose Dr. Zelt for this procedure. I was extremely confident in his ability to give me what I so desperately needed: better quality of life. Dr. Zelt has changed my life and I could not recommend him more. Natalie and the staff at St Mary’s hospital were also just as amazing. I highly recommend him!

I had a reduction surgery last April, done by Dr. Zelt and it was the best decision I made going to his office & him doing my surgery. Very professional team & very welcoming, all my questions were answered & the surgery went just perfect. If I was asked to do it again, I would not hesitat to have Dr. Zelt do the surgery all over again. Thank you so much Dr. Zelt $ Nathalie for making that change in my life the most amazing thing that a woman would ever want.

It’s been one month since my breast reduction and things went perfectly. Leading up to the operation, all my questions were answered and I was frequently reassured that everything would go swimmingly — and it did! I couldn’t be happier with my result. Everything looks great, feels great, acts great. I healed quickly and very well, with little to no pain post-op. Dr. Zelt is truly an artist. In getting a breast reduction I was hoping for smaller breasts that suited my body and were less painful for my back. Everything turned out better than I had hoped. My pain is gone, they look fantastic. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Zelt and Natalie. Both were helpful, honest, and kind. Luckily I’ll never have to do this again, but if I did, I would trust Dr. Zelt all over again!

Whole staff along with Zelt himself are the best! Super cool people too. I had a reduction done and it was the best decision of my life thanks to them.

Dr.Zelt’s expertise, capability and professionalism are outstanding. Dr.Zelt is an excellent surgeon and actively seeks the goals of the patient. He is thorough and realistic in describing the end result. No regrets and trust established.

From my first visit to Dr. Zelt’s office over six years ago I felt that I had found the top plastic surgeon in Montreal. Having previously had consultations with other doctors for the same procedure I new instantly that Dr. Zelt was qualified , professional ,and had an excellent bedside manner. All went smoothly with Natalie orchestrating the details and reassuring me as well. I was thrilled with my breast lift/reduction results believing that Dr. Zelt must be an artist as well as a surgeon. A few months ago I returned for a liposuction procedure which I am happy to report has definitely improved the way I feel in my clothes and more. I have recommended Dr. Zelt to at least four other girlfriends who all were extremely pleased with their results.

Let me start this review by stating that I had a very positive self-image (some people would say “annoyingly over-positive”- and, in my humble opinion, those people would be wrong) before my procedure. I am very active and take excellent care of myself, however, there are some things, especially with age (I’m in my early 40s), that require maintenance and/or preventative measures. It was not without a great deal of research (Mostly medical journals, and scientific studies- I wanted a very objective and logical viewpoint) that I entertained the idea of having my procedure done. In my selection of Dr. Zelt, I read all of his reviews with a critical eye. I appreciated his honest and professional approach and respected his expertise and his impressive credentials. I placed my trust into Dr. Zelt and was never once fearful of the procedure or the recovery (Procedure was his responsibility, recovery was mine). I am irrationally terrified of needles, and so I don’t think I made a good impression on the anesthesiologist- other than that little hiccup, everything went smoothly. I found that Natalie was always available for phone calls and questions and was a tremendous help. Knowing that she was there, set my mind at ease. I had thoroughly prepared myself and knew what to expect in the recovery period (both physically and mentally), and so when something arose that I was not anticipating, Dr. Zelt was able to see me (even though it was really nothing to worry about). I would not hesitate, if I needed/wanted, or was even considering, another procedure, to consult him again. I am a million times happier than I was before the procedure- words cannot describe it. I love having to dress my new figure in clothes that compliment it. I’ve been told I look younger, happier, sexier, more alive, one colleague even said that I walk different and my personal trainer, a lady who has worked with me and seen my body transform, prior to the procedure, was amazed with the outcome- and who am I to disagree with these lucky, lucky people that see me everyday?? While the physical difference is beautiful and positive, the change to my personality is amazingly wonderful. Its renewed me. I feel like I’m reborn and it’s all because of Dr. Zelt and his skilled hands. He has given me such a great gift; there is absolutely no way for me to truly articulate my thanks to for all that he’s done for me. If you are considering a procedure with Dr. Zelt, I highly recommend it.

My impression and experience was absolutely perfect. I search for very long to whom i was going to entrust my surgery and I am 100% satisfied was 6 months after the operation and now a little over a year! Super professional and amazing results!!!! I would recommend him to friends and family for anything to do with breast augmentation!!! Looks natural symmetric no problems occurred the surgery area and staff were no 1! Next time I will replace my implants or do any changes if any are required in the far future I will go back with assurance!!!

It has been a year this week since Dr. Zelt performed a mini abdominoplasty on me, and I have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Zelt is extremely experienced and was very open to answer all of my questions. His team are great, and the day of the surgery was seamless. He was available to me after the surgery to quickly respond to a medication question I had. My biggest concern was to have a low tidy scar – and that is exactly what he gave me. I would highly recommend Dr. Zelt and his team (Natalie was a delight).

What more can I say than thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! Sceptic about a plastic surgery to begin with, I thought that a visit to Dr. Zelt will be just another corporate meeting and money hungry environment, as I have experienced a few before. Was I ever in for a surprise… The comfort, the honesty, the confidence in Dr. Zelt is hard to describe. I was so relaxed that I signed up immediately and sure enough – my breast reduction was done on January 13th, I am so pleased beyond expectations, it has changed my life tremendously…I can finally exercise properly, with no back pain, I can shop for normal size clothes and I cannot even begin to explain how my confidence has grown since the surgery…Only another woman with almost 7LB ( or more ) attached to their front part of the chest can understand what a relief is to have it removed and live a much healthier life once this weight has been removed…Thank you Dr. Zelt…You are (for me) one of the rare ones that is good at their job…All the best!!!I traveled from Gatineau to have my procedure done in Montreal, I was home 5 hours later the same day and I had no issues what so ever…recovered in a really fast time frame and I could not be happier…Follow a great list of what to do and what not to do before and after surgery and you will be great…I was driving 7 days after my surgery… P.S. Saving up for a liposuction next :). Oh and I must not forget Natalie Gordon, the one and only, kind, always ready to work around peoples busy schedule knowledgeable and the best Nurse assistant/ office MGR/ what would Dr. Zelt do if she was not there :)!!!!!!!

Dr. Zelt did a breast reduction on me; I would recommend him highly to others and have already given his name to a few people. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Five star for sure!

Breast revision following breast cancer. Dr. Zelt is by far the best surgeon in Montreal with the best staff. (Natalie you are awesome). Very professional knowledgeable and genuine. Thank you thank you thank you.

Moderate Gynecomastia I should have done this year ago! Starting day one, Dr. Zelt and Natalie answered all my needs, from booking my original consultation, to multiple follow ups before and after the surgery. Dr. Zelt was clear and concise during my consultation. I called multiple times before the surgery with questions that were immediately answered. After the first week had passed I could not believe the results! I had my shirt off 3 weeks after the operation and went to multiple pool parties. It’s only been 6 weeks since my surgery and I could not be happier! If you’re thinking about Gynecomastia surgery, consult with Dr. Zelt. And even further, if you would like to talk to someone who was gone through it, I’m sure Dr. Zelt or Natalie could arrange it. I’d be more than happy to explain how this procedure has changed my life. It’s amazing. Thank you Dr. Zelt and Natalie for everything! Adam 🙂

Dr. Zelt is a highly skilled surgeon. He is compassionate and kind. His patient’s satisfaction and well-being are his priority. His staff is excellent, and Natalie is an amazing person and extremely helpful. A great experience.

I am so appreciative for the wonderful care I received. For me, It’s closure of a three year long journey. I have struggled my whole life with obesity and experienced a lot of the prejudices that goes along with that. At almost 300 lbs, I’d been treated pretty badly by the medical profession. Just before meeting your staff, I was feeling better about myself and able to blend into a crowd at 140 lbs lighter. I still had issues of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed in my own skin. I still felt ashamed of how I looked and was saddened by my reflection in the mirror, regardless of all the weight loss and exercise. Then I spoke to Natalie. I found a very warm, compassionate and patient woman who took the time to answer all of my questions. I immediately felt at ease with her. Natalie you are wonderful at what you do! The next step of the process was to meet Dr. Zelt. This for me was the scariest of all. This meant I had to show a complete stranger all of my ugliest parts and I was terrified. Well to my delight, Dr. Zelt did not for an instant make me feel uneasy or ashamed of myself. It was all of a matter of fact. I felt as though I was showing him my ears! Now that’s a gift Dr Zelt! Many thanks for your respect and kindness during the consultation. On the day of the surgery I felt strangely calm and relaxed. From the beginning to the end of my stay at the clinic, I was treated warmly and with respect from all the staff involved. What a wonderful team, exceptional quality of work, you should be proud! Lastly, Dr. Zelt, the gift you have created for me, with your hands goes beyond my words. All I can say is that you have given me the opportunity to blend into a crowd in the summertime, hold my head a little higher and to feel like a woman again… All this time, my next 40 years look a whole lot brighter than my first 40. I wish you and your staff all the success this world has to offer.

My experience with Dr. Zelt and his team was “second to none.” I booked a consultation in early July for breast reduction surgery and was fortunate to have had my surgery done on July 25th due to a cancellation. Although it has only been a month, I can say full heartedly that Dr. Zelt did an amazing job and he has changed my life for the better. I feel amazing and the results are so much better than I ever thought possible. Having spent my career in the military, I should have done this a long time ago! For anyone looking for a top notch Plastic Surgeon, you have found him. Dr. Zelt’s Office Manager, Natalie Gordon, is extremely friendly, professional and very approachable. If you have questions before or after surgery, she will promptly return your phone call and professionally answer all your questions. She has an ability to put ones’ mind at ease and that is so important when going through such a surgery. This was a big decision for me that wasn’t taken lightly. I am truly grateful for my experience with Dr. Zelt and Natalie. Thank you.

Last August, I had gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Zelt. The entire experience was unexpectedly phenomenal. Dr. Zelt is an artist. He knew exactly what to cut to make the final outcome look like a typical man’s chest. My nipples are also well-rounded now because he cut them slightly to make them look better than before. Also, I had a “third nipple” (Google it) which I asked him to remove when he came to measure me just before the operation and he did so. It’s now 8 months post-op and my formerly gross male breasts look amazing. In fact, they looked great within 2 months after surgery. Before surgery I was 315 pounds and had lost weight, bringing me down to 250 pounds. Because of that weight loss, my breasts were sagging. I am now working out to make them look even better. Dr. Zelt and his team were stellar and I highly recommend them.

Amazing! The results of my breast surgery are more than I could have ever expected. I recommend him 100%. I only wish I would have consulted him sooner! From our first consultation to the surgery date I appreciated his honesty, confidence and knowledge. He always made me feel like I was in good hands.

I had a breast reduction, and I would like to say THANK YOU to Dr. Zelt, from all my heart, I couldn’t ask for more. The whole process from the 1st appointment was fantastic. Ms. Natalie she’s a LADY! Dr. Zelt did a fantastic job; it’s more like an art than a surgery. Dr. Zelt proved to be the best choice!

I had a gynecomastia surgery last July and I am very satisfied with the results. Dr Zelt is very professional, carrying and answered all my questions. I would recommend Dr Zelt anytime and his staff Natalie she’s a sweetheart. Before I had my surgery I was a bit nervous but Dr. Zelt and Natalie made me feel comfortable and it was easier then. I recommend Dr. Zelt!

I trusted Dr. Zelt with my breast augmentation and tummy liposuction in March 2014. I thought he was professional, caring, respectful and honest. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend him with no hesitation. Natalie was also a pleasure to deal with.

Have had a few surgeries with Dr. Zelt over last 7 years following breast cancer…..he is the best… Professional knowledgeable kind helpful and a brilliant surgeon….support staff A*

I went for a consultation for liposuction of the flanks. He was extremely knowledgeable and attentive. He is a great listener and told me realistic things. He is not money hungry like a a lot of plastic surgeons. The staff is amazing and his office is the most beautiful clinic I have ever seen, You really feel like you are in a 5 star luxurious place. I would recommend him to everyone.

Had a full abdominoplasty by Dr. Zelt. He was very professional, answered all my questions and more. My husband was very concerned and worried and decided to come to my first consultation with Dr. Zelt. We both were very impressed by his experience, his facilities (A1) and by his Office Manager, Nathalie who was also fantastic. I asked Dr. Zelt if I should also consider some lipo on my back at the same time as my full abdominoplasty and he told me straight forward that it was best not to do this lipo, since I would not be pleased with the end result of saggy skin. I want to point out that another very well-known Plastic surgeon was willing to perform that lipo so to me, this proved that Dr. Zelt had my best interest in mind and not his wallet. It’s been almost 3 months since my surgery and I am fully satisfied and excited by my flat stomach and great looking scar so far. I totally recommend Dr. Zelt if you are is seeking a professional, honest and talented surgeon.

Dr. Zelt is an amazing surgeon, he explains very well what will happened during after surgery I am truly happy with the result of my tummy tuck and any further surgery needed I will see Dr. Zelt also the staff are amazing and always there when needed.

Amazing doctor. What I liked about him is his honesty with me from the beginning. The results are exactly what I was promised. Staff are amazing and everyone made me so comfortable

I am very happy with the result, after one month I could remove my shirt and show very nice pectorals. I had minor gynecomastia. Doctor Zelt is a great artist of men torso. Samuel

Dr. Zelt’s open approach allowed me to feel confident and anticipated outcome. His “road map” laid out in the first meeting how the process and procedure would unfold. It provided me with a clear understanding of what to expect and served as a bases for discussion. Communication between Dr. Zelt, his Office Manager and I was always positive, open and responsive. Dr. Zelt checked with me each step of the process to ensure that I was comfortable with the outcome. His approach to my mastectomy and reconstruction helped me tremendously walk through this very scary and challenging event. I am veryhappy with the results.

I had a full tummy tuck and some lipo done on June 21st, Dr. Zelt was wonderful he never pressured me into making a decision. I wanted to do other areas and he could have just said yes and add it on to my bill but he didn’t he was honest and very human about the areas I should do and the ones that can wait or be corrected with simple exercise. What not to say about Natalie, she’s amazing I must have called her and emailed her about a hundred times and she was always so patient with me and so nice. Dr. Zelt and his staff are great and they make you feel comfortable and at home. I recommend him no doubt.

Both Dr. Zelt and Natalie Gordon are fabulous! Dr. Zelt as doctor and Natalie as office manager have always been beyond polite, helpful, caring, knowledgeable and so pleasant to deal with. They made my before, during and after surgery a wonderful and successful experience. I would recommend them (their office) as the place to go for surgery, consultation, follow up etc…. Thanks Dr. Zelt and Natalie for being there and taking excellent care of me. Always carol

I just had my Breast Augmentation surgery with Dr. Zelt. I’m very happy with the results. He gave me a lot of great information during the consult and described the procedure so that I would not be nervous. He is kind and very professional. I met him a few times and he was always very pleasant and answered all my questions. His assistant Natalie is amazing!! The private operating facility is also great. I had a great experience and would recommend Dr. Zelt to anyone wishing to have a BA.

After extensive internet research and over the phone interviews with cosmetic surgeon’s offices, I had a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Zelt. He was very knowledgeable, I felt at ease and glad that he was so easy to talk to. He has a great sense of humour too! Not only did he answer my questions, but he provided a lot of information on the benefits and risks associated with breast augmentation. Because I had done the research beforehand, I felt very informed and excited to book a surgery date. Dr. Zelt encouraged me to think about it before booking immediately, which is what I did. I now have my surgery date booked and I feel very confident in Dr. Zelt’s abilities, experience, and competence. I am looking forward to my surgery and I believe that I will be in good hands with Dr. Zelt. His receptionist Nathalie has been extremely helpful and accommodating as well. I will be sure to update after the surgery.

I went for BREASTS AUGMENTATION, 2 weeks ago, and when I met with Dr. Zelt, I explained to him that I am very unhappy with my breasts for a very long time. I wanted to feel happy and proud of my breasts. Also explained that I didn’t want to look like one of those blonde bimbos with huge boobs, I wanted to look natural and real. Dr. Zelt understood and when I went for surgery I upgraded from a A cup to a C cup : ). I am very content with the results, they look absolutely amazing, and they look beautiful already and it’s only been 2 weeks :). Dr. Zelt is an extraordinary doctor, with lots of knowledge and understands our needs. I highly recommend him! I asked him all the questions possible and he answered them perfectly!!!! He knows what he’s doing and he does it amazingly! 😀

People are not believing me when I say they’re fake 😉

Dr. Zelt is a dedicated surgeon. He knows what he’s doing and does it very very well. He will never consider a procedure that is not right for the patient. His work is art and I have only good things to say about the whole experience.

I had my surgery about three months ago and I am very pleased. I had a breast augmentation. I was a small b and went to full D. He is a great doctor always available when i had a question. Now I’m thinking about going back for liposuction. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Awesome doctor! He took the time to meet me as many times as i wanted to explain all the risks. Surgery went really smoothly, no complications, no pain and wonderful results (breast augmentation). It looks very natural and there are barely any scars

Had a breast lift and liposuction done. Everything went so smoothly. He is a doctor who takes his time with you and answers all your questions and concerns.

I was so sure my surgery would be cause for unease. Every other doctor I’d seen in a consultation did nothing but make me feel scared or ashamed. From first consultation to every follow-up after my surgery, Dr. Zelt has been amazing. I was never uncomfortable or embarrassed. Never worried that something would go wrong. He’s an amazing surgeon. I can’t thank him enough for how he helped me.

Wonderful caring doctor. Never felt rushed out. He answered my extensive list of questions each time I visited. I never felt ashamed. His staff is incredible! They made me feel safe and comfortable and welcome. My results were very pleasing.

Here’s the long and short of it. I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon that “does it all” meaning they do plastic surgery on your body and your face. I wasn’t impressed. I did some research and discovered that it’s better to go to a specialist than a general cosmetic surgeon. So, I found Dr. Zelt’s gynecomastia website. It was exactly what I needed. I booked a consultation and was convinced within 10 minutes of being in his office. He wasn’t pushy, just very confident that he could help me. He spent about 15 years helping women with breast cancer and that says a lot about him. The day of surgery came and I put my trust in him. His team at RocklandMD is amazing. It’s not like when you go to a hospital and the nurses and everyone act like they are doing you a favour. Dr. Zelt’s team really wants to make you feel comfortable and pain-free. Yes, I paid thousands but it was really worth it. It is now a few after surgery and my “man boobs” have never looked this good. They were big and droopy and gross before. Now they look like a normal man. No one would even notice the tiny scars when I went to the beach the other day. I’m more than satisfied with the outcome.

On July 15th, I had a full tummy tuck and some lipo. Dr. Zelt was great! He never pressured me into making a decision. I wanted to fix every area of my body but the doctor told me that not everything had to be fixed with surgeries. He could have easily taken my money but he didn’t. His secretary is just the best. She was always available and responsive. The rest of the staff made me feel comfortable as well. Go see him without hesitation.

I had a lot of questions about the risks and he had time to explain it to me. The procedure was a success. No complications whatsoever. The pain level was lower than I expected for a breast enlargement. The scars are minimal and so far the looks of my breasts are very natural. My husband who was even more nervous than me about the procedure is impressed with the results. Dr. Zelt said that it would take a couple of years for the breasts to settle in but after about 7 months, they are still looking great. I have purchased a lot of new tops and finally feel good enough to wear a bikini. Given that’s it’s been so hot this summer, I’m glad I went through with it.